Individual Therapy

The goal of individual therapy is to develop a personalized “space” to process the impact of daily life. Working together, we will explore your concerns, worries, and stressors while highlighting and utilizing your strengths and hopes.

Couple’s Therapy

Couple’s therapy provides an environment that allows two individuals to discuss their hopes, fears and concerns about themselves and each other. Couple’s therapy is a place to discover, share, and build upon the dynamics that originally brought the couple together.

Family Therapy

Family therapy examines the impact that a crisis, close relationships, and change have upon the family unit. Through a family-centered approach, relationships and triggers will be explored in addition to implicit versus explicit messaging.  The goal of therapy is for each member to feel heard, validated, and to explore a deeper connection and understanding of their relationship to each other and to the family as a whole.

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Schedule a 15-Minute Complimentary Consultation

    Schedule a 15-Minute Complimentary Consultation